Feminine Yin® Yoga Diploma Training


Feminine Yin® is an empowering Yin yoga practice for femininity in which the asanas are opening and nurturing e.g the pelvis and chest areas, supporting hormonal balance, immunity and metabolism. The practice empowers and increases creativity, self respect, acceptance and loving.

During the practice, the teacher will treat each student individually by doing acupressure to some of the most important acupressure points for women.

The asanas nourish the energy supply of the connective tissues and joints, boost metabolism and mobility. Relaxing the muscles enables the connective tissues to release and allow all the toxins, therefore, exit the body effectively. Also metabolism, lymph fluids, blood flow and digestion are activated.


Diploma Training is for:

– People who are interested in Yin Yoga, bodywork and Eastern Medicine and Treatment techniques

– For sports and wellness professionals

– Yoga teachers and yoga practitioners


Training includes:

– 50h contact hours

– Independent study and homework


You receive:

– Manual of Feminine Yin®: facilitators guide

– A diploma and qualification to implement Feminine Yin® Yoga practices and facilitations in a safe and professional way for groups and individual customers


You learn:

– Yin Yoga: The basics, theory and energetic perspective based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) and Modern Meridian Theory.

– Yin Yoga Anatomy according to a woman’s body ( The roles of Fascia, joints, bones, muscles and nervous system ).

– Some of the main acupuncture points to support womens` wellbeing ( e.g hormonal balance, vitality, fertility ).

– Information about the different phases of a womans´ life according to The TCM ( e.g the menstrual cycle, PMS, pregnancy, menopause ) and how to support them with the right kind of food, herbs and lifestyle.

– Asanas for Feminine Yin®- Yoga practice and the manipulation of the acupuncture points in each asana + planning and implementing a Feminine Yin® Yoga class.


Training is held during 2 weekends:

16th-18th of October & 27th-29th of November 2020


90 Cromer Street, London WC1H 8DD, United Kingdom


Timetable: From 9 am to 5pm


Early bird price before August: 525 ( VAT included)

The price after that: 625 (VAT included)


Training will happen in a really small group, so book your place soon!


Teacher of the Training: Minna Andersson, the Developer of Feminine Yin® & GroundingYin® – Yoga Treatment, Yoga Teacher (RYT200), Seasonal Balance® Shiatsu Teacher


Applying for training and inquiries: tel. +358456407997, ulminna@gmail.com

Don’t hesitate to contact!