The Story


Minna Andersson

The Creator of Feminine Yin®- & Grounding Yin® Yoga practice, Seasonal Balance® Shiatsu

" I discovered Yin Yoga in 2014 when my body was recovering from overloaded stress and exercising at the gym. At that time I realized that I had to change my life. I wanted to have some peace and calmness into my days and to heal my tired body.

Then I got interested in Yoga , especially Yin, which seemed to be the right one for me. Because of it, I started to gain more flexibility in my tissues, my mind settled down and I learned to relax and let go. My tiredness started to fade away while my immunity and health were getting stronger. I started to enjoy life again and felt filled with new energy. I found myself doing yoga more and more often, even daily. Yin Yoga had become a very important part of my life. I learned to be more gentle with myself and let go of the idea of pleasing others. I started to accept and appreciate the person who I really was. Being impressed by all the healthy benefits of Yin Yoga, I wanted to share this amazing, healing practice to others by teaching it.

After studying the Taoistic roots of Yin Yoga, I also started getting interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) and eastern healing techniques. I totally agreed the thought that a human has to be seen as a whole with his physical, emotional and energetic qualities. So, after finishing my yoga studies, I went to Shiatsu - and Reiki Therapist Trainings and also studied the acupressure technique and Five Element Theory. After doing some treatments, I was impressed by their effects on the whole body and how much even a touch could calm.

During my Yin-classes, I started to treat people in my own way by doing acupressure and massaging the Meridians. I had a strong sense that it would make the healing experience even deeper. My students were really pleased with my calming, relaxing touch and told me that it made them feel the effects of the asanas even better and longer in their bodies. They wanted to have more these kind of Yin-classes. Being inspired by this, I designed a treatment of my own to support the asanas and started creating different kinds of class-combinations. I decided to name this holistic, deeply calming and healing practice to GroundingYin®- Yoga Treatment. I have now taught over 80 GroundingYin®- Instructors in Finland and 6 in England and the path continues.

During the past few years I’ve studied and deepened my knowledge about the woman’s body according to TCM. It has helped me a lot to respect, understand and find more deeper levels of my own mind, body and femininity. I also started to think that I would love to help other women to discover those things too. Inspired by that I created Feminine Yin® Yoga Practice which I am teaching now in Helsinki, Finland and I will start to teach the Trainings on the next Autumn in London. I am also writing a book about this which comes out at January 2021.

As a person, I love to discover ad create new things. It´s my passion. I am a positive thinking and caring woman who loves the nature, traveling and meeting new people. I think that the most important thing in life is to listen and follow your heart. That is the way to stay healthy and live in happiness. "